New widget v4

To use last version, you should use: data-aplazame-widget-instalments="v4"

<div data-aplazame-widget-instalments="v4"

This version aims to simplify the integration for the installment payment widget. It has two layouts: product and cart and two positions horizontal y vertical.

  • Configure the different parameters according to your requirements. Apply the colours you want, choose the alignment and decide whether you want your widget to show the legal text.
Legal text
Widget alignment
<div data-aplazame-widget-instalments="v4"
Parameter Type Required Description
data-price css selector yes CSS selector that indicates the element that contains the final price. It is updated live if there are changes in the price. If used in conjunction with data-amount, the value of the latter and data-price will be shown if the price changes.
data-amount decimal yes Quantity to be financed in cents. This field can be omitted if the data-price is used
data-type enum no The widget layout will change based on the selected value.
The possible values are: product, cart

By default, the following will be used: product
data-option-legal-advice boolean no Indicates whether you should displaying the legal text after the widget. The default value is false.
data-option-primary-color css color no Set the background colour of the button and the border.
data-option-layout enum no You can choose horizontal (which will change automatically if you don't have enough space) or vertical. Vertical by default
data-option-default-instalments decimal no Allows you to configure the number of instalments that the widget will display by default
data-option-border-product boolean yes Indicates whether you should displaying the color border if the type is product. The default value is true.
data-option-align enum no Indicates widget alignment. Can be aligned at left or right. The default value is center.